Between 2011 and 2015, the average daily time spent by US adults on digital video grew by 262%, and daily time spent with mobile video surged by 1,200%. To date, there hasn’t been a simple way to assess digital video across all its forms and channels.

That’s why we’ve developed the Moat Video Score: a new, 0-100 metric to assess campaigns on the basis of an ad's length, how long it was visible, how long it was audible, and Screen Real Estate, the size of a player relative to a device screen.

Screen Real Estate Ad Length

Screen Real Estate

Ad Length

Audible Time 50% On-Screen Time

Audible Time

50% On-Screen Time

Read our white paper, Moat Video Score: Developing a New Framework to Evaluate Video, to learn:

  • Why the variety of new video formats poses both an opportunity and a measurement challenge for the industry
  • How Moat created the score to capture performance for video’s unique properties
  • Why having a single scale to measure video performance will improve outcomes for the digital media marketplace

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